"I've been a Realtor for over 24 years and have found real estate is more than a structure and some land - it' s about people, it's about dreams and aspirations. It' s about families buying the place that will become a home.  When it's time to sell , the home that has meant so much to them in the past now means even more to their future. It's critical that they're able to maximize their invest­ment. I know what's im­portant in my clients' lives. I take my responsibility very seriously."

Barb Banman, ABR photo
Banman, ABR

Choosing Barb Banman as my Realtor was the best decision I could have made. Barb not only gave me guidance in preparing the house for market, but also recommended contractors to effect the needed improvements at reasonable costs. . .  Her accurate assessment of the market and of the value of my home, allowed the price to be set at a level that resulted in high traffic, and effected “closing” in less than 6 weeks after being placed on the market. In my opinion, Barb is the “best.”

- Richard E.